Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Allegiant Airlines ReservationsAllegiant Air is an American low-cost airline, which is founded in the year 1997. It operates scheduled passenger and charter flights to about 125 destinations with a fleet of 93 aircraft. The airline is known for providing a fantastic travel experience to its passengers. Headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, you can easily book Allegiant Airlines reservations by calling our toll-free number and enjoy awesome flight deals and discounts.  

How to manage your Allegiant Air travel?

You can easily change or cancel your flight reservations, choose seats, pre-purchase bags, upgrade to priority access, or add a hotel room or rental car by visiting the airline’s official website. Just enter your booking confirmation, first name, last name, or email address and password to manage your Allegiant Airline flight reservations

Another way to manage your trip is through the Allegiant Air mobile app. It is available for free on both Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store. 

Allegiant Air Check-In Options

Allegiant Airlines offers you several options to do the check-in for your flights:

Web Check-In

Head to the airline’s website and navigate to the check-in option at the top. After entering the required information, you will be able to perform the process. It is available starting 24 hours up until 45 minutes before your flight’s scheduled take-off time. 

Mobile Check-In

You can avail of the check-in facility on the Allegiant Air mobile app, which is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. 

At Airport Boarding Pass Print Out 

For any reason, if you fail to do the web or mobile check-in, you can do so and print the boarding pass with the help of the agent at the airport. However, please note that for availing this service, a fee of $5 will be applicable to you. Also, you can do the free check-in at the airport ticket counter. 

What is Allegiant Airlines’ Baggage Policy?

According to the airline’s baggage policy, you are allowed to bring one personal item with you in the cabin free of cost. An additional fee will be applicable for a carry-on and/or checked baggage. 

Personal Item

Your personal item, such as a purse, or a small backpack, must be kept under the seat in front of you and should have dimensions not exceeding 7 x 15 x 16 inches. 

Carry-On Baggage

You are allowed to take one carry-on bag, such as roll-abroad or a garment bag, which should have a maximum dimension of 9 x 14 x 22 inches. 

Checked Baggage

Speaking further, you can pre-purchase up to four checked baggage, and each baggage should weigh no more than 40 pounds (18 kg). The maximum linear size allowed by the airline is 80 inches (203 cm), including height, width, and length. 

In case your bag weighs more than 40 pounds, you are required to pay an additional baggage fee for the same. 

Special Items

Not all items may be transported either in the cabin or in the cargo. And there are a few articles which are governed by certain restrictions. Some of these items include defense sprays, electronic cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages. 

How to Allegiant Airlines Book a Flight with Children?

Whether you are planning a vacation trip with your children or dropping them from one place to another, there are certain defined rules you must follow when traveling with your little ones. So, before you book a flight with children, check out some of those guidelines below: 

  • If your child’s age is below 24 months (2 years), he/she can either travel on his/her own FAA-approved car seat or on the adult passenger’s lap, whose must be at least 15 years old. Also, you need to bring the birth certificate of the child as an identification document. 
  • When the child is aged between 2-14 years, he/she must have their own seat and may be accompanied by a passenger at least 15 years or older. However, you cannot book a seat in the exit row. It is recommended to bring any identification of the child. 
  • Children aged between 15-17 years may be allowed to travel without an adult companion on her/his own seat. 
  • If your child is 18 years or older, he/she must bring a valid government-issued photo ID and must follow the TSA requirements. 

To book a flight reservation with children, you can simply visit the airline’s official website and enter all the required information, including the number of children and adults planning to travel. 

Allegiant Airlines In-flight Refreshments and Services

If you have an Allegiant Airlines reservations, get ready to enjoy a plethora of in-flight amenities. It offers you a variety of snacks and drinks, which are available for purchase at an affordable price. The airline allows you to make payments in various methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, and Allegiant World Mastercard. You can bring a portable movie player, laptop, or other devices on board. However, you may need to wait for the crew members’ direction or notification to use the device. 

Allegiant Airlines Mobile App Features

Download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app on your smartphone, and you can take the benefit of various flight services right at your fingertip. The app comes with the following handy features:

  • You can follow and track your trip on a card-by-card basis. 
  • Book your flights or vacation on the go. 
  • Access and review the upcoming flight journey. 
  • View or add seats, purchase bags, and upgrade to the Priority Boarding facility. 
  • Receive important flight status notifications on your smartphone. 
  • Provide feedback about your flight journey. 

What are the Allegiant Airlines Flight Deals and Vacation Packages?

Allegiant Airlines not only offer passenger flight services but also gives you an opportunity to get amazing air tickets deals and book various diverse vacation packages. 

The airline regularly offers attractive non-stop flight deals to/from several top destinations in and around the U.S., such as Cincinnati to Fort Walton Beach, Nashville to Orlando, Los Angeles to Eugene, and Stockton to Phoenix. Additionally, you can book full-fledged vacation packages, including Allegiant Airlines reservations, to/from many destinations.